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A Taste of Fashion in West Indian Culture


West Indies v Australia 4th ODI Highlights 23-3-2012

The Soul of The Caribbean

Preview The Caribbean Online
Get an online experience and an appreciation of the history, current affairs and culture of the Caribbean. The "Soul of the Caribbean" is published by a self taught web designer and marketer Brian Mitchell who goes by the name NativeTT.  Brian, a past potential client turned friend through connections in social media has single-handedly carved out a substantial net space for the region. 
I was inspired by his creativity.  From his small office in St James NativeTT is responsible for the development of a number of exclusively Caribbean websites.  He is also the publisher of a number of  local magazines targeting what he called “West Enders”.  That is communities in the Woodbrook, St James and Port of Spain area.
His magazines are magnets for local advertising are distributed, at no cost, to strategic locations in communities west of Port of Spain.
Online for a number of years, he has always focused on the larger Caribbean communities.  Recently …

The Making of Jamaica by Air - A Documentary Video

Jamaica By Air - An Entrepreneur's Story When I first heard the name of this book, I assumed it was the usual tourist fodder.  It certainly can be used to attract tourist but the story behind the book is what to me is more important.  I just the entrepreneurial spirit of the author/photographer.  With a small investment he was able to fund his idea and actual make his dream come true.  
The Caribbean Blogger would not represent peoples of the Caribbean if it did not, without obligation, promote this book.  This professional done video tells the story behind the making of the book. You get to see some of the captivating shots that makes up Jamaica by Air.  Enjoy it. 

Hi-tech Licensing Division long overdue

Letter of The Day Sunday Express June 3rd 2012 by Rucardo Lijertwood
"Corruption at the Licensing Division will continue unless the archaic system is computerised and modernised,"— so said Transport Commissioner Reuben Cato recently. His comments came after it was confirmed that four Licensing officers attached to the Port of Spain office were detained for questioning by police officers probing corruption in the importation and registration of vehicles.
On Wednesday, February 18, 2009, at the sitting of the House of Representatives, then transport minister Colm Imbert announced that, "Barring unforeseen circumstances, we hope that by the end of this year, 2009, we would be able to implement the new system for renewals, new permits, transfers of vehicles and so on, and then, over the next two years after that, we should be able to fully implement a completely-electronic computerised system for driver's permits and vehicle registration at the Licensing Office".