Friday, April 27, 2012

You Only Need One Set of Anti Theft Wheel Locks

A Common Sense Savings Tip

This is a tip that I borrowed from a note post on my Facebook Page, How To Buy A Used Car In T&T.  If you drive a vehicle in the Caribbean you may need this tip.   

You know the anti theft wheel lock purchased so that some desperate misfit don't steal the four wheels off your car.  These wheel log nuts comes in a set of four per pack and cost about $200 TTD.  


Too many times I notice that cars are outfitted with one set of four per wheel.

That is 3 sets of extra anti theft  locking wheel nuts.  The store loves this but it only makes
the vehicle owner look like a dumb dumb or overly paranoid.  It does not make sense. 

Here's the logic.  Each tire only needs one lock nut.  The other three nuts on the wheel
should be the regular wheel nuts.  It's impossible for a thief to remove the tire if you
have just one lock nut. Unless of course you think the have the key and it will take them 
longer to take off four nuts instead of one. 

Buying 3 extra sets and bolting down your tires is overkill.  And besides, you could save
about $600.   

If you know of someone with four lock nuts on each wheel, wispher this tip. On the other
hand, say nothing; why should they take off 3 perfectly good sets of anti theft wheel nuts.  

Your better move would be to try to prevent others from doing it before it's too late.

Share this note with your friends, if you love them.  :)   

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Have a great day. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chinese People Mix like Oil in the Caribbean Melting Pot

Almost Every Tasty Pot Needs A Little Oil

The Caribbean is known for being one of the most diverse melting pots in the world. Here we accommodate all races without prejudice.

Maybe it has a lot to do with our history of accepting whichever super power claimed ownership of the islands. In those old Viking days the Chinese never venture in these waters so they have always been strangers to us. Now it seems that there is a covert plan to colonize the Caribbean from the inside out.

A friend related a story about a Chinese restaurateur who was constructing a restaurant

My friend is a plumber and he was hired to run pipes in the new building. According to him every piece of hardware to build the restaurant was shipped from China. That included all the tiles, lumber, sinks, pipes and fittings came down in a container. In his opinion, it seems as if the Chinese government financed his entire business.

Why would they do that? Well, speculating you would come to the conclusion that they wanted quality and the only quality they know is “Made in China”. Or maybe they could have gotten it a lot cheaper in China despite the cost of shipping. Whatever it is, it does not seem a fair deal to the host country that they expect to derive their income to take that approach.

And, while we are on the restaurant topic; have you noticed the number of Chinese restaurants on the Eastern Main Road? The last count was 22 and two under construction. Fast Chinese food is big business in Trinidad and Tobago and they are taking advantage of it.

The immigration people have cracked down on them and find that there are many illegal Chinese employed in these establishments.

OK, that’s just one thing. Here is another. If you are in the business of selling anything, the Chinese are the hardest people to sell. Maybe it is because they buy everything from China but some things they are compelled to purchase here. When they do they usually start the conversation with “What is your best price?” They consider buying things like advertisement, a book or any service as unnecessary. It’s like they went to school in China that teach them to “nat interested” .

How many interracial couples have you seen with one partner being a Chinese? Almost none in Trinidad, maybe there are one or two but have you seen them?

In this great big melting pot we call the Caribbean; the Chinese are establishing themselves without becoming attached to the communities in which they live. They are no doubt hard workers and dedicated to their work but other than that what can we gain from the Chinese? Seems like they came here for a purpose and most of us just haven’t figured out what that is yet.

Have you had any Chinese experience.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

What The Hell Does China Want In The Caribbean?

“We Give Them What They Want, We Will Get What We Want”

This must have been the guiding thought for the Chinese strategy makers when it came to  Caribbean foreign policy.   

The Chinese are a deliberate people; we must understand that while Westerners make long range plans for 3 to 5 years; the Chinese make 100 year plans. 

It is no secret that China is still a communist country ruled by an autocratic government that blatantly ignores human rights and transparent justice.   

Most Caribbean politicians seem to forget this little known but well publicized fact.  A high school student could conclude that if a country does not respect the basic human rights of its own people, it cannot respect the rights of any people.  

It is easy to understand why the Chinese are firmly established in every country rich in commodities.  China has the largest population and currently is the richest country in the world.  They have embarked on a strategy of investing in any country by way of outright loans, direct investments and even multi-million dollar gifts.  

The Chinese know that Westerners are materialistic souls.  Money can buy almost anything in the West.  Politicians want to make a difference in their country, they want to leave a legacy, and by ignoring everything else about the Chinese they can be successful.  Their long term plans are but a couple months on the Chinese calendar. .  

But here is the $64 dollar question:  what does the Chinese want in the Caribbean?

Except for the oil and gas in Trinidad and Tobago the Caribbean is not big on commodities.  

Why did the Chinese advance a 6.3 billon investment in the Caribbean islands last year?  They are investing heavily in island countries like Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada, Costa Rica and Dominica.  What do these islands have that the Chinese want?

Their investment in Latin America is even more significant.  According to a China/Latin America report titled  The New Bank in Town they have invested over $75 billion since 2005?  In 2010 they have pledged to invest 37 billion.  Why are they lending more than the World Bank, the Inter-American Bank and the US Import/Export banks combined?

In the case of Dominica it has been pointed out that as a UN General Assembly member, Dominica whenever it’s crucial that the China’s gets its way.  That is the macro view; the bigger picture is that China understands the strategic importance of the Caribbean and the intangible benefits that can be derived from being a permanent partner with member states in the region.

 From strictly a militaristic perspective, in his book the Art of War, Sun Tzu teaches; “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer; China is 190 miles from the United States.  Ironically there already exists a significant population of Chinese in America.  How much closer can they get. 
For sure, the Chinese is not revealing the details of their master plan.  

According to Dennis C. Shea, Chairman of the U.S.-ChinaEconomic and Security Review Commission, “With China you have to be wary of possible policy goals behind the effort.”  

OK so let’s get personal here, all we have been talking about is at the government level.  Look out for the next post when we examine how the Chinese treat with the local population.  You know how they stick together like white rice.   

Clannish maybe but they support each other in their new homes away from home.  

You wanna hear the sad part of this story.  It does not matter, and they know, it does not matter that you know or I know or a million people in the world know; the plan has been executed and nothing can stop its unfolding. 

Maybe, just maybe one day China will rule the world the way it now rules China.  The central government will decide our official language.  If they let us say anything.  Our worlds are changing right before our very eyes and few of us recognize or can see the changes.   

Stay tuned to the Caribbean Blogger.

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