Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have To Say "NO"...

Yesterday I was contacted by a marketer/owner of a hotel web site. He wants to exchange links with my site because... well let me share his email so you can better understand:


My name is Mark. I recently came across your website / through search engine and found it is informative for our website's visitors. I would like to exchange link with our websites and

As you are probably aware, reciprocal linking benefits both of us by raising the search engine rankings and generating more traffic to both of our websites.

If you would like to do the link exchange with us, please place our link on your website with the following details.

Title: CheapestRoomsLondon
Description: Find cheapest rooms to rent in London
Link: http://www.cheapestroomslondo

Ok, believe me I know how important links are to any website. I know that the more links I have the more traffic I'll get. But is that what I want?

What I want is more targeted traffic. I am not selling anything on that site to attract paying clients. Why would I want to link to a hotel in London? Is Mark thinking that people looking to rent a hotel in London will be interested in a marketing site in the Caribbean?

But it does make sense when you know that Mark is using an automated system go generate links to his site. He never really looked at my site.

Maybe I'm wrong. Let me ask you?

Do you think that it's worth exchanging links with Mark?

Well like you probably guessed, I had to turn down the offer from good ole merry England. If you know what I know, you would too.

Linking is not done because you can, it must have relevance.

Use this tool to learn more about linking and link automation

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Kick Ass Online Payment Processor For The Caribbean

You Cannot Sell Online If You Have No Mechanism To Collect Payments

One of the biggest challenge for small businesses online in the Trinidad and Tobago and in fact the Caribbean is access to a global merchant account.

This is usually the case with most developing countries. The technology is available but until there is a synergy between merchant account providers and local financial institutions the situation will remain the same. But there are alternatives.

Paypal is by far the most recognized payment platform available to merchants globally. Unfortunately, their primary target markets are the United States, Canada the UK and to some extent Europe.

Services are limited and vary from one developing country to another, in some countries the service is simply not available.

For example, in some countries Paypal can only be used to send funds or merchants are allowed a small limit on of funds they can receive.

Funds are restricted to USD so merchants are compelled to use that currency. These features limits the merchants' ability to transact business online. Now there are options. Read More Here

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Is Linking Important To Your Web Traffic Strategy

The World Wide Web is simply a network of web pages on the Internet connected by hypertext links.

In fact, hypertext links are the back bone of the Web; the only way to get from one site to another. Search engines have quickly become an essential tool for making sense of the Web.

Why do we need search engine?

Because there are literally thousands and in some cases millions of available sites that can be accessed on any given topics. It would be virtually impossible to search for relevant information without the help and availability of search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN Bing or hundreds of other engines.

Each use keywords or key phrases to locate specific content on the web. With the right keywords your site will be included in the results without them your site will be left out completely.

As such, companies pay Search Engine Experts thousands of dollars to optimize their site to get them within the first 10 results on a page. You can save yourself this investment if you knew exactly what how to do it.

Link Assistant

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Stop PhoneNapping And Recover Your Lost Or Stolen SmartPhone

Can You See Yourself Calling Your Own Phone Number Begging

Last week I read a story in the newspaper about a man who was arrested after grabbing a Blackberry phone from a woman in downtown Port of Spain.

After preliminary investigation the police determined that the perpetrator was on his way to collect a ransom on another Blackberry that he had snatched a day before. He had already made arrangements to collect $1000 TTD for its safe return. Wonder if he ever heard the old clich├ęs “a bird in the hand” or “the dog with the bone”. But it’s not funny.

It was even less funny for a local comedian, Nickki Crosby, who returned to her car after a fete to find that the back window was broken and her blackberry was gone with all her precious irreplaceable memories. See story here

The trouble with any phone is when it's stolen it's gone forever. You will never find it again: gauranteed. The thief only have to remove the SIM card and replace it with their own; it's that easy, gone. Then they purchase a phone charger from one of the many retailers. You can write it off.

A petty thief or spranger will sell the phone as a used unit to some unsuspecting “wannabe a blackberry owner” for an amazingly great deal. You can kiss your phone, your pictures, directory and anything else goodbye.

Your best course of action is to just go to the store and replace it with a new one.
Funny thing, once you have owned a Blackberry anything comparable is just not the same. Means that you will be soon, sooner the better, be on the market for a new blackberry. But not if you had known and taken action to get a new software just introduced to the induatry.

RecoveryCop is your answer to a phone peace of mind.

Imagine having anti-theft software installed on your phone that is a thief's worst nightmare. It silently alerts you to where your device is right from your computer. But that’s not all.

It can sound an alarm, record SMS, give GPS location, usage, call info and recording. This is certainly the next generation of smartphone, anti-theft software.

Are you prepared in the case of phone theft or loss?

If your device is a Windows Mobile Professional edition device (a touch-screen), you will be able silently listen to the surroundings of the phone, even if the thief has changed the SIM card!

Commands can be sent using SMS from any other phone *or* you can login to your included online control panel to interact with the phone. You can also lockdown the device and play a LOUD custom alarm to draw attention to your thief or stop them from using the phone.

Right now you must be thinking that software must be pretty expensive to get in your own phone. And you are right, it would be if you had to purchase the software. It would be just as expensive as if you purchased a couple of smartphones. But you are wrong because can purchase a liscense to use the software at a fraction of the cost of owning it. Use the link below to find out more.

Get more information here

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Laptop Per Child, Can We Afford It?

This is not marketing it's common sense.

Our new government is determined to keep it's campaign promise to provide laptops for every child taking the SEA exams.

It seems like common sense to look for a laptop that would eliminate potential issues like durability, software designed specifically for children, maintenance and affordability.

The One Laptop Per Child Project is a one organization's global initiative to design and supply laptops to Third World children at a price any government should be able to afford; $100-$200 USD.

As a citizen of this country it is my duty to ensure that everyone concerned made aware of this option. Because of social networks, I can.

I am NOT affiliated with the organization therefore any and all questions should be directed to the contacts on the link provided below.

Here is a link to an article in the New York Time that discusses one aspect of the Laptop distribution; cost. Trinidad & Tobago should not have a problem with the price but due diligence on the experience of other countries. 2 Billion Laptops? It May Not Be Enough

To learn more about the organization go here.

Thanks for reading this, tell someone else about it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Absolutely True, Risk-Free Lifetime !Marketig Tools

I have a confession to make. I am guilty of purchasing too many marketing program online. I was convinced that each would be useful; then I never used them. Yes, it is a hell of a true confession but why lie:

I wasted my money.

Fortunately, that was years ago that I now consider a down payment on my Internet education. Since then I have developed a simple criteria for buying any program or even making purchases online:

If I cannot try it, I wouldn’t buy it.

It’s a great guerilla marketing strategy to allow a preview of a few pages to judge the quality of the ebook or even a hard cover book. It gets even more tricky when you have set your mind on paying for a new online marketing program.

The criteria work here too.

If the program is so good, a limited trial makes a big difference. If I it works for me I will be not only buy into it but I will tell the world about it. It’s the experience with the service that’s important, not what the promotion promises.

This criterion I think has literally saved me thousands of dollars.

Here is another confession, at one point in my marketing career development I became an opportunity seeker. The irony is that I changed my opportunity seeking ways because of my experiences and purchasing programs. That is a story for another day; today I want you to check this program out.

A no cost no obligation internet marketing program that allows you to really try before you buy into it. OK you may be saying most marketing programs allow a trial period before you buy. I agree they do come with time limits like 30 day or even 90 days but would you believe a program with a lifetime free membership.

Your life not mines.

This free membership gets you to the Silver level and you can enroll in their affiliate program if you wish. There is never any pressure with emails to do anything on this site, it’s totally up to you what you decide to do.

The best part is that you do not even have to promote the company, you can use the tools to promote your primary business.

How is that possible?

Well seeing is believing, I want to introduce you to suite of marketing tools you can use for free. If you upgrade I will make a commission, not enough to go to the movies with but I will benefit from your upgrade.

But you never have to upgrade.

The fact is that after you have experienced the free training, access the lead generators, review the SEO technology and marketing portals there is not reason for you not to use it to promote your business.

Promote Your Own Business

It does not matter if you are an MLM distributor, affiliate promoter, mortgage broker, real estate agent, doctor, lawyer, retail or wholesale small business with services or products, the upgrade is for you.

Click here to access the free tools.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Google's "Wonder Wheel" - What's That?

The Simpliest Way to Find Competitive Keywords

The Internet is like the backbone of a caterpillar with millions of connected little feet sending messages to  nerve centers that transmit information to a CPU.   On the internet everything is linked by words and hypertext.

Every concievable topic on the internet has a unique set of words that when used together could only refer to that particular subject matter.  These words  are  known as key words for that particular topic.

We sometime forget that Google and Yahoo primary purpose was locating the right content for searchers.  To be better at what they do, these search engines are constantly improving.

Last year (May 2009) Google introduced a very useful key word tool called the “Wonder Wheel”.   This can be found by doing a normal search for any key word in Google.  In the page that comes up after such a search you will see a link that appears just above the top of the results that says “Show Options”,

For more and a video tutorial go here

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