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Climate Change; Will It Affect Future Sex?

I just read an article on Climate Change and I literally laughed out loud. The fly on the wall must have thought I went crazy.

Unfortunately, it was no joke, serious research was done to come to the conclusion that the accelerated rate of human reproduction contributed significantly to the damage to the ozone layer.

The fact is that with less human constantly emitting carbon dioxide the planet itself would take longer to implode. Organizations like the 350 Movement is determined to lobby for the reduction of emmissions.

Almost every high school educated child knows that humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. We learned that the trees and plant vegetation sucks up the carbon dixoide we breathed out. Compared to a few hundred years ago there are not many tree left, we have found so many uses for wood.

To be politically correct, emissions from humans is only one contributing factor according to one Family Planning organization in UK . the Optimum Population Trust. …

A Trini 2D Bone... Request for Help..

To Ensure Justice Be Served And The Guilty Sanctioned

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. -John Wooden

Below is a Facebook note written by someone I respect and admire for her dogged determination to assist in any way possible to eliminate all forms of corruption in Trinidad and Tobago. There are too many citizens who have become apathetic and accept viral programming like "we like it so" and "nuttin will change". Others just offer verbos protest while actually becoming a part of the problem.

Margaret Rose is different and this post is intended to support her. This is NOT her cause, it's the future of Trinidad and Tobago. That future is no longer in "bookbags of our nation's children" but now it rest plump in the hearts of people like Margaret Rose. Her note follows...

By Margaret Rose

Was having an early dinner with a couple of friends yesterday and as is quite predictable in these times, the subject of the UDeCOTT Commiss…

Expotentially More Important Than Marketing Your Business

The 7-Minute Heart Test
By Michael Masterson

Your heart rate is an indicator of your cardiovascular fitness. How quickly it slows down after exercise is an important measurement.

To measure your heart's recovery rate, says Dr. Al Sears in his book The Doctor's Heart Cure, exercise vigorously for five minutes and then take your pulse. Wait two minutes. Then calculate your heart rate again.

If you have an average level of fitness, it will drop by 55 beats. Well-conditioned people will see a higher drop, perhaps 70 beats. Generally, the faster you recover, the better your fitness and the lower your risk of heart disease.

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Thank you and be well.

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