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Why T&T Loves Japanese Soca Artist - Minmi

Her Performance Was Spellbinding

Is it because she's Japanese?

Exactly, it is a long journey from Japan to Trinidad and Tobago. Crossing the seas, crossing cultures and language barriers, it is indeed a long journey.

It is an honor, maybe not in the traditional Japanese sense but then again maybe, to be chosen by anyone in any foreign speaking country to take the journey to come to Trinidad and present themself in a was that everything resonates with the people.

The audience reaction to her soca musical presentation expressed that honor in the only way we know how, we get on bad, wine and misbehave. .

It is amazing that a foreign singer, and one that speak a language that only about 10 people in the entire population of T&T can speak could get such a reaction from a crowd of soca lovers. .

My conclusion is that people like anything that's different,  There are literally hundreds of soca artists in T&T, many have not commanded such excitement.  It validates that when …

Gender Abuse is the Culture of the Caribbean Man

You Don't Have To Be Female To Hate Gender Abuse
Shame.  Ashamed is what I felt when I wrote that headline.  Ashamed that I belong to a culture that implicitly condones a primitive behavior which is always in the open especially when it ends in death. Yet nothing is being done about it.  
No self-respecting Caribbean man would hide the fact that in a fit of rage he can and will disrespect the rights of a woman. Not every woman but “his woman” “his wife”.  In a flash, an instant he can take away the rights of another human being. .
Abuse of Caribbean women is a topic that is not talked, written about or discussed in schools and churches.  It is not talked about because we have grown into it, it is accepted behavior.  The truth is that the abuse of Caribbean women did not start this month, last year or 10 years ago, it is a remnant of our ancestry, our inheritance from slavery. 
The rationale is simple enough to understand.  Slaves were owned, the system of slavery compelled them…

3 Hottest Trending News Reports in Trinidad and Tobago

News From the Inside
Football Match Trinidad and Tobago Vs US
The TT Warriors Faced Off In a World Cup Qualifier
The results was TT – 0 US -0 the match was a draw giving TT one point towards qualifying for the World Cup.  
The real news here is not the match but the way the TT citizens behaved to see the match.  
When there is a chance Trinbagoians will take advantage of it.  The Trinidad Express headline article today say it all.  It all happened because of “Slack Security”.  Hundreds Storm Stadium
UNC Internal General Elections
It is time for the UNC to elect a political leader.  Everyone agrees that the party needs to rebuild itself after the predictable lost at the polls.  The second in command in the party, the former leader of the Government in Parliament, Dr. Roodal Moonilal, is contesting the seat.  The most recent contender, Mr. Vasant Barath has also thrown his hat in the ring. 

Word on the street is that all three Mrs. Bissassar, Mr. Moonilal and Mr. Barath are not desirabl…

Use Thia Automated Customer Loyalty Program To Improve Customer Service

Connecting Customer Service To Customer LoyaltyWhat do customers want?  That should be an easy question for anyone to answer.  Imagine yourself as a customer for a moment. First you want to be respected as having the ability to purchase.  All respect is lost when people know you can’t purchase. You also have the need for attention, it comes with the respect when you enter a retail store or service establishment.  You want to be recognized, acknowledged and served.
Am I right so far, even if you did not intend to buy? Respect, recognition and appreciation is only the beginning.  You want to save, or not appear to spend foolishly.  You want to see value before you purchase.  You prefer to buy when items or services are on sale or there are big discounts. If you are not shy, you will ask the the seller for an additional discount, you prefer to pay less than everyone else, you want the “best” deal. OK so now we understand the customer a little better; how do most small retailers think.