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Trending Topics In The Caribbean & TnT

Important Because We Read It
In case you did not read previous post, the Caribbean Blogger will be curating articles and reports from various publishers throughout the Caribbean, centering on Trinidad and Tobago.

Today we have a special invitation for you to join the Caribbean Journal, usually stuffed with very interesting, relevant and topical articles they traverse the islands in the Caribbean to share what is important to Caribbean people.  Take a look at a selection of articles from the...

The Caribbean Journal

A Major New Port in Haiti:  A major new port is now operational in Haiti.
Port Lafito, the brainchild of the GB Group, is the country’s first Panamax Port. It was inaugurated in a ceremony last Thursday. It is located about five minutes from Port-au-Prince International Airport.  Read More
This Top Cruise Line is Adding a Homeport in Havana:  A major cruise line is adding a new homeport in Havana. MSC Cruises, the world’s largest privately-owned global cruise line, will begin …

Trending in Trinidad and Tobago

Important Because Trinis Are Looking At It

Get the stories that most Trinidad and Tobago are concerned about.  It is stories and news reports posted on social media; Twitter, Facebook and the local Dailies and Weeklies.  Whatever is important in Trinidad and Tobago you can follow it here.

Daily Trending HeadlinesTrinidad Express:  I Am Mon $8M Man FORMER San Fernando Mayor Ian Atherly is the “mysterious man” who was approached to fight the San Fernando West seat for the People's Partnership. Read More

Newsday:  Jack Pays Up  FACED with bankruptcy proceedings being filed against him and a similar application to the courts for a levy, Independent Liberal Party leader Jack Warner yesterday delivered a cheque for a little over quarter of a million dollars to Chaguanas councillor Faaiq Mohammed -  Read More

 Guardian:  Man in Center of Enterprise Violence Flees.
The reign of terror in Central is being linked to one man who is well known to San Fernando police. The 31-year-old man has a lon…

Is There Racism In Trinidad & Tobago?

Racism Should Not Be Advertised But...

My hiatus is over, the last post was during the Carnival season.  Truth be told, this blog did not experience the traction as it did in previous carnivals.

I am always heartened by the daily stats that consistently logs over 200 visits a day without any new posts.  The automated traffic is a direct benefit of aging with Google. This blog has been alive since 2007, Google likes that.

 The reality is that it was a  comment I just approved on a post that revitalized my interest in this blog. Funny how little things ignite action.  This little thing, this racist comment on a post made me start posting agan.  It was a post made last January about Trinidad and Tobago upcoming elections   The post predicted the outcome of the next General Elections.  It was entitled Who Do You Think Will Win The Next Election. 

At first, I was just going to delete the nasty comment but then I said to myself; why not? Why not let everyone know that there are people like…