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3 Fresh 2015 Calypso Picks for Trinidad Carnival

Which of D 3 Videos Yuh Think is Best and Why?


Let the lyrics speak.  It tells about the country.  Listen, read between the lines, hear the innuendos and the jabs, listen carefully and you too will know the future...

Tigeress:  What you willing to die for?

Good kaiso, lyric make sense, relevant and funny. Shadow say:  Dey Sticking...

Shadow still good as always, good lyrics, relevant and old master at the game...
Mistah Shak:  Target

New man on the scene, at least it sounds like it....

You be the judge.  Which one is the best and the worst,  take a minute and leave a comment.

The Achilles' Heel of Small Business Success

Knowing Your Typical Customer

If you are a small business owner, the chances are high that you do not havea profile for your typical customer. You probably have not taken the time to write out a  description because you assume that you know; especially if you have been in business for any length of time. 

A typical customer profile provides specific demographic and psycho-graphic details that are unique to each product or service. Small bits of information like, what they do for a living, marital status, where else they shop or how often. 

It does seem like a lot of work; doesn't it?

If your product is selling already; why do all that?

If you asked that question, tap yourself on the shoulder.

Nobody need to remind you that the customer is the source of your revenue, the reason you are in business, the only way you will stay in business. Somehow this first cog in the wheel to success is left to one side and the product, th…

Who Do You Think Will Win The Next Election?

Spying Into The Future
This is an election year and it seems like once again, like déjà vu the population want to change the government.  And once again, the government just doesn’t get it.   They are adamant on winning the election.  A lot of money will be spent on a futile cause.  It was the same in the last general election. 

The PNM, Patrick Manning administration did not get it.  When it hit them like a ton of brick, Mr. Manning could not hide his surprise.  The people who supported him turned on him and chased him out of the party headquarters.  To Mr. Manning, the PNM party and his supporters the results devastated them.  Everyone else knew it was inevitable. 
Trinidad and Tobago is for all intent and purposes a two party state.  All the other parties and the independents are usually left out of the race. 
The present government pushed for constitutional change that would affect the upcoming elections but after a lot of heat t…