Corruption, Cocaine and Murder in Trinidad

Is This The Trinidad You Know?

Interesting perspective of Trinidad by Vice News an international news organization.  The police in person of Inspector Alexander blames it on the 1990 coup. A criminologist blames it on the government giving contracts to who she call community leaders who she identifies as gang leaders.  A gang leader who says that the money he gets goes back into the community.  Brings back memories of Dudus Coke and what happened in Jamaica.

Living in Trinidad I know that where I live it's not like what is depicted.   The only  truths comes directly from the  gangsters in the video.  According to them "behind the curtain" Mr. Big Fish hides and directs the show.

 Trinidad and Tobago is a small country but it is large enough that if you know where not to go you can be safe.  Spill overs occur but the way the video tells it there is only corruption, cocaine and murder here...

Take a look and leave a comment if you have an opinion...

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