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All Competition Lineup 2014 Carnival

International Soca MonarchGroovy and Power categories, the King and Queens of Carnival competition, National Panorama Finals and the National Calypso Monarch.

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Musings 2014


Finalist 2014 Calypso Monarch Competition

The Neitional Carnival Commission has released the results from yesterday

"Bodyguard" False Papers

The show at Skinner Park San Fernando got off to a late start yesterday, but the performances that followed were able to ease the dissatisfaction of the audience. The following calypsonians have qualified for Calypso Monarch Finals at Dimanche Gras on February 2 and will Challenge reigning Monarch Pink Panther.

Cro Cro
Queen Victoria
Mr Shak
Myron B
Kurt Allen
Brian London
Alana Sinette -

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Results of the National Junior Panorama Competition

Primary & Secondary School Competition

Overall twelve (12) Primary Schools, ten (10) Secondary Schools and eight (8) Non Schools have qualified for the Finals carded for the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Sunday 23rd February, starting at 9:00 am.

PRIMARY SCHOOLS1.St. Margaret's Boys AC2522.Febeau Gov't Primary Pan Giants Steel Orchestra2483.St. Paul's Boys A.C. School2474.Couva Anglican Steel Orchestra2445.Malabar R.C. Steel Orchestra2416.Pres2 All Stars2387.Fifth Company Baptist Rising Stars2367.Diego Martin Boys R.C. School2369.St.Mary's Govt23310.Methodist All Stars23210.Pt.Fortin A.C.23212.Nelson Street Boys R.C228
SECONDARY SCHOOLS1.St. Francois Girls2652.St. Charles High School2583.Providence/QRC2534.BATCE2475.Mt. Hope Secondary2406.Speyside High School2337.Bon Air Beacons2317.Symphony of Saints2319.Goodwill Industries2249.St. Madeline Secondary224
NON SCHOOLS1.St. Margaret's Boys2682.Success Stars2633.bp Renegades Youth2614.Invaders Yout…

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Digicel International Groovy Soca Monarch semifinalists

Semi-Finals Tonight After tonight some people will be rejoicing and others will go home disappointed.

There is a long list of semi finalist, see the list below.  Most are either not sophisticated
enough have uploaded their songs to youtube or prefer not to.
Below you will find a couple of the tunes that will be performed tonight:

Also tonight we have some changes:

SuperBlue (Austin Lyons) will be defending his Power Soca Monarch title is now
also in the Groovy category.  So also is Johnny King, Kurt Allen and Ronnie McIntoch
are now in the Power Soca category.  Bunji is to make a guest appearance.

There will be 40 finalist in the Groovy category and 36 in the Power Soca category.  Order of appearance will be drawn today.

Destra Garcia  "First Time"

Digicel International Groovy Soca Monarch List of Semifinalists  Johnny King (Ainsley King) — “Doh Over Expose”  Preedy ( Akeem Chance) — “Winning Champion“ 5 Star Akil (Akil Borneo) — “To Meh Heart“ Amrika (Amrika Martoo) — “…

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