Thursday, February 14, 2013

Super Blue - 2013 Road March King

Like Pump Up In 2000 Fantastic Friday Won In Both Competitions

The Blues have it.  Super Blue was elated yesterday after the announcement that he was the 2013 National Road March champion.  He beat  the  defending champion Machel Montano with a landslide score of  511 plays to 56.

He did not just win, he obliterated Machel Montano on the road.  More than one of my friends expressed their disappointment with the results for the Soca Monarch competition.  They felt that he was cheated out of first place in that competition.  According to one friend, his resounding victory where the people judged their preference was inevitable.

Fantastic Friday

In 2000 he won both the Soca Monarch and Road March only this time he had to share the Soca Monarch title with Machel Montano:

The following is Super Blues Road March tally to date:

SuperBlue’s National Road March tally: 

As Blueboy - 1980, 1981, 1983
As SuperBlue - 1991 to present
1980: “Soca Baptist”
1981: “Ethel”
1983: “Rebecca”
1991: “Get Something an’ Wave
1992: “Wine on Something”
1993: “Bacchanal Time”
1995: “Signal for Lara”
2000: “Pump Up”
2013: “Fantastic Friday”

SuperBlue’s Soca Monarch tally 

1993: “Bacchanal Time”
1994: “Flag Party”
1996: “Bounce”
1997: “Barbara”
1998: “Ato Party”
2000: “Pump Up”

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