Monday, September 17, 2012

Independent Senator Hints at Mandatory Service Programme for TnT Youths

Book Launch "Children In The Back Row

Dr. Lennox Bernard, UWI Lecturer, Independent Senator announced at a recent book launch that recommendations will soon be presented to parliament to implement a Trinidad and Tobago Youth programme with a mandatory  service learning element.    

He predicts that this recommendation will be met with some resistance but it must be an essential part of a solution to our nation’s increasing crime rate.   

Dr. Bernard was the featured speaker at a book launching of “The Voice of the Children in the Back Row” hosted at NALIS a couple of weeks ago. 

The book authored by Kathleen Robinson, a veteran educator who currently lectures at UTT, provides an exploratory narrative of four fictional students.  The background is in a native Caribbean setting that is representative of any of the islands.  

 It allows the readers to see from the eyes of a teacher the reasons why a child would choose to sit in the back row.  It mingles non-fiction with the actual reality.  Unintentionally and simultaneously, the book analyzes the teacher’s perspective as she narrates her experience with each student.  This is Mrs. Robinson’s first literary work.

Here is an article reporting on the launch of the book in the Trinidad Newsday

If you are interested in the dynamic of a Caribbean classroom experience you can get your online copy from 

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