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Urgent Public Phone Scam Announcement

Beware: Don't Return Calls To These Area Codes
This is vital "must know" information if you want to keep informed.  It affects everyone internationally, Caribbean people have the potential to become victims of these scams.

One of our more popular post in the past has been the Caribbean Web Site Scam Alert has been read and shared over and over.  Hopefully it saved one person from making a costly mistake.

Today, the focus is on mobile phone scams that are usually perpetrated by unscrupulous international con artists.  It may never happen to you but at least you will be able to advise a friend of what can be done to report a scam.  Read the entire post, share it with anyone you think may need to know.

The source is US Federal Trade Commission but you can report scams even if they occur outside of the US.

The information follows:

BLUF:  DO NOT return any Area Code 809, 649, 284, or 876 calls, unless you are absolutely sure of the number you're calling.

The Federal C…