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From Malaysia To Trinida & Tobago - A Net Friendship That Hurts

If you don’t know, know now; Malaysia is a country where the sentence is death by hanging for possession of drugs.A few Asian countries do it, China, Turkey and some Arabian countries.
In the West, the death penalty for drugs no matter how much is inconceivable.  The fact is that if you get caught with enough drugs and you can get so much time that it’s a slow one day at a time death penalty.  If you live in the Caribbean and deal with drugs; pay attention.
This is what my young niece likes to call, a “true story”.It’s so true that it would not qualify for reality TV. A few years ago I started using yahoo instant messenger and Within a short space of time I had a number of “friends” on both networks who I chatted with regularly.One of those friends was a lady by the name of Eleanor, a forty eight year old single Filipina.

She’s or maybe was (tell you why later) living in Malaysia and attending a Christian Church.My perception of Eleanor was that she was a giver.She had sta…