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Can The Recent UN World Health Summit Save 1000s of Lives in T&T?

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Health and Fitness should be more important to people in Trinidad and Tobago than in any other part of the world.  Why?
For the record, T&T is “#1 in the Western Hemisphere, per capita for diabetes”.  That was just one statistic cited by a medical researcher, Dr Kenwyn Nicholls, in a 2010 report: The Diabetes Epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago”.   Here are some other interesting statistics he offered:
oOf the 1.3 million people, 143,000  (11%) have diabetes o1000 new cases diagnosed, just 20 year olds in 2007 oOver 450 children in T&T have type 1 diabetes oT&T is 5th in the world in diabetes per capita oDiabetes is the leading cause of blindness in T&T  
And there is more... Google the report or ask and it will be sent to you:
The United Nation has declared four non communicable lifestyle diseases that are responsible for 60 percent of deaths worldwide.  Globally, that’s an unintelligible millions of dead, locally in a popul…