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When Trinidad And Tobago Businesses Advertise Locally They Get the End of the Stick with Doo-Doo

Critiquing The Snail Pace Evolution Of The Advertising Industry In An Emerging Market

As a small cosmopolitan emerging market with strong economy and a population of 1.3 million people Trinidad and Tobago is an ideal model to showcase the development of information industries.

The local advertising industry specifically, has not kept pace with what is accepted as normal in the more developed markets.

It is accepted that media advertising is an indispensable revenue generating tool for most businesses. In fact, every year local businesses shell out literally billions of dollars to advertise their products and services.

Ninety percent of those dollars spent on advertising is never leveraged. The professionals in the industry continue to prey on the ignorance of their clients. Well “prey” might be a bit harsh word to use when most of the clients run like lambs to the slaughter, money in hand to purchase full page newspaper ads or high frequency TV ads at premium prices. And most of the…

Free Video Commercial Offer For Business Owners In Trindad & Tobago

Free? Why Would You Do That?" The Surprised Business Owner Exclaimed

Have you noticed the number of videos online? The web is evolving naturally to adapt to the information overload most users experience. Wonder if it fits into Darwin's Theory of Evolution?

It is now accepted that most internet ueers are scanners. People are reading less especially from a computer screen. Reading has become an acivity that we must do in order to accumulate knowledge so we compensate by grabbing tid bits of text like headlines and sub headlines. Video are just a better way to disseminate information.

The human species has always sought out an easier way to do most task and so it is with reading. For example, what would you do if you were asked to solve a heavy math problem? Would you work it out in your head if you had a calculator? Duh?

Similarly, it's easier to watch a quick video,get the message and move on. This is the MTV Generation with an audience that is very familiar with qui…

Don't Read This If You Are Totally Satisfied With Life

A Story I Read Today That Is Worth Sharing. Self Examination and Taking Action In Your Life.

By William Lambert

So you have been living for 40 or 50 or 60 years. What do you have to show for it? What comes to your mind first? Your children? Your house? your car? Were your children an accomplishment or an accident? Should a spouse who loves you be listed in your inventory?

I did this inventory 10 years after I have been teaching school. I personally felt my inventory was not what it should be. I had a car and an apartment. I wanted a family and a house. I changed my behavior in an attempt to get those things.

Ten years later I felt that this was not enough. A wife and kids for me was not enough for my inventory. A new direction had to be derived. I spent much time in determining what truly makes me happy. I discovered that what really made me happy was helping other people.

My inventory includes letters from three people whose life I saved using my CPR s…

How A Laugh Changed My Career Choice

A Free Web Building Webinar

True story. Can a story be true?

This one is but now it's a story. This is my first web site building experience. It was in late 1980, I built my first website myself, and then I proudly showed my wife at that time. She was the only one that knew that I had spent months of long, solitary hours on the computer.

I was consumed in learning html, how to use FTP, basic graphic design, and all the skills necessary to put up a web site. I was in the automotive industry so I bought a domain name "". Somehow managed to put together a site using everything I knew at the time. There were animated cars, flashing letters and movement all over the page; it was a marketing nightmare online.

That site would have been a total online marketing failure. My wife took one look at it and bust out laughing like I had just cracked a joke.

Did she hurt my feeling? Can't remember but I do recall us separating a couple of years later. I’m sure …

How To Drive Your Stake On The Net

A Free Foundational Web Building Strategy Webinar For Small Business Owners

A printer related a short story to me I'd like to share with you. As she related it, she was taking an order from a respected business man for 1000 business cards. In the process she asked him for the address of his website. His response was:

“Just put anything dot com”

According to her, she was totally shocked, taken aback and could only respond with a meek "Ok". Said she wanted to put She immediately lost all respect for the man.

Now that might sound unusual but there is a bigger lesson to be learned from it. You see, most business owners, especially in developing countries like Trinidad and Tobago, still have not been able to translate the internet into a meaningful business tool.

Yes, these same business owners definitely know that it’s useful; for hard to find stuff cheap, to send emails in the normal course of doing business or even to look at videos and participate…